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Top 5 ways to use bottled water to fundraise or promote your charity!


Everyone drinks water, so why not turn it into a way to raise extra funds for your charity? Based on our experience working with various charities and companies, such as British Heart Foundation and Breakthrough Breast Cancer and supplying bottled water to major fundraising events, we have compiled our list of top tips for using bottled water at your next event.

1. Sell bottled water at your fundraiser

Bottled water has a significant profit margin and can be a great way to raise funds for your charity! The best way to purchase bottled water for fundraisers is through a company that offers spring direct prices rather than a retail store or wholesaler. It is also possible to organize shipping direct to your event or other venue at very economical prices, further enhancing your profits!

2. Give water away

Simply handing out bottled water to participants in your fundraising events to keep them hydrated and comfortable, can be quite an effective show of support. The retail cost of bottled water can also be quite high and the charity can save considerable costs by buying in bulk and supplying water to partipants free of charge. Many of the charities we work with give away water to support fundraising efforts.

3. Use custom labels to promote the charity

Create a unique bottled water to communicate your own charity message. Whether you decide to sell the water or hand it out free of charge, your brand will be reinforced and the label can include vital information about your charity and how to donate. Many springs offer as few as 500 bottles and also discounts to charities.

4. Find a sponsor to advertise on your bottled water

A great way to reduce cost is to find an sponsor for your water. In exchange you can offer them
advertising on your water label. The water can be co-branded with the charity as well offering them a potential commerical advantage by being associated with the charity. The corporate sponsor may pay for both the custom label and water in return for the advertising on the bottle. If the water is sold for fundraising, the full proceeds can go to the charity.

5. Think long term

It may seem obvious, forward planning can be quite meaningful, especially if you are considering a
custom label. By planning your need for water over the year, you can often negotiate a discounted rate which will be much more competitive than looking at each event in isolation. The branded labels can be stored for the year and called off as required, so the water is bottled fresh for each event.

So the next time you are organizing a fundraising event, consider bottled water. Whether you sell it, give it away or brand it, there are numerous ways it can be used to promote the charity.

Water and charity - versatile, simple, effective!

At Promotional Springs we love to support charities, offering price discounts and a streamlined service. We have a proven track record of working with leading charities on major events, supplying our spring's own label water in bulk or promotional bottled spring water with custom private labels. We are a full service company offering shipping direct to your venue or event.

Speak to us about creating a unique logo bottled water that promotes your charity and fundraising activities. We offer low minimums, volume discounts, excellent service!

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